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Associated Students Inc.
Santos Manuel Student Union Building RM-108

Important Phone Numbers:

ASI Main Office
909 537 5932
ASI Activities Board
909 537 7210
ASI Board of Directors
909 537 5526
Box Office
909 537 5933
College Legal Clinic
909 537 5936
ASI Design Service
909 537 7723

CAB Funding

The CABC is responsible for the weekly allocation of funds for programs and special events as requested by recognized CSUSB student groups and organizations. The mission of CABC is to support organizational activities that will enhance on campus life, and allow students to develop leadership and personal skills.

ASI Cab Funding: How-To-Guide


Funding Request Tips


Student groups and organizations requesting funds must know and understand the CABC policy and submit a Funding Request Form (FRF) for each event they want funded by ASI. Everything you need to know about the funding process is included in our policy. An organizational representative is REQUIRED to attend a CABC workshop PRIOR to organization requesting funds (refer to CABC policy under Section 1, Part D).

The CABC policy and FRF are available for download using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please note that the CABC policy and FRF have been updated as of November 3, 2009.

CAB Funding Procedures

Clubs/Organizations must be chartered.(To charter clubs please visit Student Leadership).

Cab Funding Step One: Attend the Workshop.


(Clubs / orgs only need to attend one work shop a year)
To find out when the next CAB workshop will be held contact our Vice President of Finance.
CAB Funding step two: Fill out funding request form.


(Funding request form must be turned in by 2:00 PM Tuesday to be on the agenda the following Tuesday)
CAB Funding step three: Club members attend the CAB meeting.


At least one member must be in attendance and present the request to the committee.

(The member must be knowledgable about request and policies)
CAB Funding step four: Approval Process.


Fill out the appropriate paperwork for the type of event.
*Original receipts must be KEPT and appear VALID!

Requisition form MUST be turned in no more than 10 business days after the event.

NOTE: If your event has:
*Guest Speakers
There may be a need for additional steps

If you have any questions or concerns please contact ASI Vice President of Finance:
(909) 537-3936 or

The CABC also facilitates quarterly CABC workshops for club officers to train on the application and CABC funding process. Special workshops are available pending the request of the organization and approval of appointment by the V.P. of Finance.

You can download the funding reuest form below:

Funding Request form (PDF)

Please note: You will need Acrobat Readerâ„¢ in order to view/print this file.

Get Adobe Acrobat Reader